INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits has set the 2014 Rates for its Health Programs to clergy and lay participants. These rates can be found on the Indiana Conference website at under Administration, click on the Benefits page. The rates increased by a modest two percent for 2014.

The Indiana Conference UMC has a broad Health Benefit available to its participants, including both a Preferred Provider Plan and a Consumer Driven Health Plan. A comparison chart on both plans is available on the conference website Benefits page.

As a part of both plans, a wellness program is provided through Virgin Health Miles and includes a yearly screening program, walking program with several reward levels and, with the PPO program the option to lower your premium costs by participating on both a Wellness Screening/Physical Exam with form completed by your doctor.

The Indiana Conference is continuing its Wellness ministries for 2014. Information on two benefits of the conference Wellness program are explained here. To qualify for the lower health rates and deductibles for 2014, conference health care participants need to complete a form available on the conference website at the Benefits page under the Administration tab at Please be aware of the following dates by which these wellness benefits are earned.

Qualify for a lower Health Insurance Rate in 2014

A wellness exam must be completed by both participant and spouse, if both are on the health plan. The health screening was available through Aug. 31, but can still be done if participants have a wellness exam by their doctor by having the doctor complete one of our forms and returning the form to the address on the form by Friday, Nov. 1. The Physical Form is available on the Benefits page of the conference website at

Qualify for a Lower Deductible in 2014

The Health Quotient must be completed by both participant and spouse (if the spouse is on the plan), by Sept. 30 in order to receive a $250 lower deductible for a single plan and $500 per family (with spouse) on ones health coverage for 2014. The Health Quotient is available through the HealthFlex/WebMD website at

If you have questions about Indiana Conference Health Benefits, contact the Benefits office at the Indiana Conference Center by calling 317-924-1321.