The United Methodist Student Movement is a grassroots connection of Methodist-affiliated college students who seek to creatively and faithfully pursue God’s dream for the world. After all, as college students, we need a dream that is bigger than ourselves or our individual schools, that requires all of our gifts and talents. The world needs us – our prayers, our passion, our talent, our unity.

Resources are designed around two annual UMSM priorities. Check the website for Bible studies, sermon ideas, and retreat outlines as well as times of 24/7 prayer and lags of advocacy. Use any or all of the resources to join in collective prayer and discernment, action, and reflection with the movement.

UMSM gathers every other year at the NEXT conference to share new ideas, great speakers, our best college worship bands, small affinity groups, top internship and educational opportunities, and urban adventures. NEXT 2014 will be in Denver, Colo., Nov.7-9.

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