The Sierra Leone Health Partners team seeks volunteers willing to stand as a partner in a developing world setting, help a peer solve problems, share themselves and live their faith in a new environment. This may be a life-giving and life-changing experience.

Medical Teams

Sierra Leone Health Partners, which has been going to Sierra Leone since 2007, is recruiting teams to work with Kissy UMC General Hospital in Freetown. Volunteers will partner with hospital staff to provide training to improve patient care, administration, infrastructure and financial viability.

Medical team goals include helping:

  • Complete the move into the Kissy’s 48-bed Mother and Child Center;
  • Assist in staff training for expanded facilities and services;
  • Provide training in medical and administrative fields requested by the hospital staff; and
  • Expand the hospital’s water and electrical systems.

Desired volunteers include:

  • Nurse educators and practitioners (prenatal and pediatric experience a plus);
  • Administrators and office managers;
  • Physicians;
  • Ultra sound techs and other allied health professionals
  • Persons who can train the staff in the use and maintenance of cardiac and GI equipment; and
  • Maintenance and building trades.

For information about medical teams, contact Jackie King ( at 317-475-0289 or Don Griffith ( at 317-823-9390.

Primary Education Team (Jan. 30 to Feb. 14)

Educators will collaborate in Freetown with primary school leaders to provide staff development for elementary teachers to improve skills and prepare teacher-leaders for future workshops. They will partner with school leaders and previous workshop participants to design and present meaningful in-service workshops in areas such as needs assessments, classroom demonstrations, peer coaching, and guided discussion. Topics will include curriculum areas, teaching methods and strategies, and the social/emotional development of students. Part of the time will be spent with a girls primary school.

For education team information, contact Lisa Ranck ( at 317-669-2284 or Marilyn Griffith ( at 317-502-7444. This group will travel with the medical team on Jan 30 or Feb. 5 and return Feb. 15.


To accommodate persons with different time constraints, 15-day trips depart and return on Jan. 15-Jan. 31 or Jan. 30-Feb. 14. Those needing a shorter, more concentrated, experience may join a team on Jan. 23-31 or Feb. 6-14. The 15-day trip is $3,600 and the 9-day trip is $2,900. The fee includes all expenses except personal items, offerings, necessary inoculations, malaria prevention and tips.

This may be a life-giving and life-changing experience.