The Martyrs Project stands behind a new CD release, Martyrs Prayers, featuring the talents of some noted names in Christian music, including Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Glenn Kaiser, Kemper Crabb and more.

The primary artist, however, is Michael Glen Bell, an ordained United Methodist deacon living in Indianapolis. Bell has been playing in Indiana United Methodist churches on an almost weekly basis this summer.

The Project has garnered support across faith communities from Evangelical, to Lutheran to Roman Catholic, but The Martyrs Project’s main concern is to work within United Methodist circles as much as possible.

The Martyrs Project has been the subject of of a three-part podcast by Bishop Christopher Coyne of the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis at

The Lutheran (the ELCA denominational magazine with a circulation of 280,000) has published a kind review by the authority on Contemporary Christian Music, Mark Allan Powell.

Go to to hear the music and view the videos (more than 18,000 views on various platforms).

Those interested can follow The Martyrs Project on Twitter at