INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner appointed the Rev. David Neckers as the new Director of Church Development for the Indiana Conference effective July 1. Neckers had been serving half-time as the Associate District Superintendent of the East District and half- time as one of the Associate Directors on the Church Development staff. The Interim Director of Church Development, the Rev. Doug Anderson, retired June 30.

In addition, Coyner also appointed Pastor Steve Clouse as Senior Associate Director of Church Development to work alongside Neckers in continuing the work of the Church Development staff and to develop the “next stage” of the Fruitful Congregation Journey process for the Indiana Conference.

Ed Fenstermacher, Sharon Washington and Sergio Reyes continue to serve as Associate Directors on the Church Development staff.

Neckers and Clouse were selected by the Search Committee, which was composed of representatives from the Church Development Committee, the Human Resources Committee and the Cabinet.

Of their selection and this new model for leadership, Coyner said, “In David and Steve, we now have an excellent leadership team for Church Development to continue the work of revitalizing existing congregations and starting new congregations in our Indiana Conference. Their selection both maintains continuity of leadership and prepares for future leadership of our Church Development team.”