The second plenary business session of the Fifth Annual Conference met on Friday afternoon, June 7, to hear reports and approve actions.

  • The trustees reported that the proceeds of the sale from both annual conference centers in Bloomington and Marion would help fund the lease on the current Indiana Conference Center in Indianapolis;
  • The Indiana United Methodist Savings and Loan granted $35,175 in 2012 to seven churches for facility improvement;
  • The Rejuvenate program of the conference administered by the United Methodist Foundation of Indiana has given $1.9 million in grants for educational debt retirement of clergy, financial emergencies, retirement and the Call to New Ministry program.
  • Voted on four proposed constitutional amendments from the 2012 General Conference, which were approved;
  • Approved continuing funds for Medicare subsidies to surviving clergy spouses at the current $250 per month;
  • Defeated a Board of Pension and Benefits proposal to end funding of Medicare subsidies in 2015. This meant a substantial increase in the 2014 budget of more than $500,000;
  • Church Development welcomed the Rev. David Neekers as the new Director of Church Development and Pastor Steve Clouse as the new senior associate director of Church Development; and
  • The Church Development Fruitful Congregation Journey has had 185 participating congregations this year.