The Rev. Dr. Cindy Reynolds encouraged worshippers during the Service of Remembrance and Celebration of Life June 6 to remember the greeting from the beginning church: “Christ is risen; Christ is risen indeed.” Reynolds stressed that this is not just an Easter greeting, but the principle we should follow as we live our daily lives.

According to Reynolds, only 18.7 percent of all Hoosiers are in a worship service Sunday mornings. By living out the Easter greeting in our everyday lives, Reynolds stated we are committing ourselves to make a difference in this world by reaching out to the remaining 81.3 percent of Hoosiers not in a Sunday worship service. “In every county in Indiana, there’s a United Methodist congregation. We can change this state,” said Reynolds.

She said she believes every congregation…, every pastor…, every lay person… will change this world!

Reynolds also recognized those being memorialized in the service, stating that these individuals lived out the Easter greeting everyday of their lives, pouring service into their communities in many forms.

During the Service of Remembrance and Celebration of Life Thursday evening, clergy and clergy spouses who died since the 2012 Annual Conference Session were remembered. Clergy remembered included: Russell Anderson, Richard Bennett, Orla Bradford, Macklyn Bradish, Stan Buck, David Cummings, Larry Curtis, Ivan Emily, Sheldon Garriott, John Gaus, Robert Gingery, Kenneth Holdzkom, Earnest Howard, August Huber, Alfred Keller, James Keith, Donald LaSuer, John Mangum, Mary McGawn, John McFarland, Emerald Joe Miller, Joseph Newton, Harold North, Charles Nunery, Henry Oakes, William Offutt, Lyle Rasmussen, Jack Snell, Edward Susat, James Swan, John Swank, Richard Thistle, George Weister, Russell Wilbur, Jack Williams, and Roger Wrigley

Clergy spouses remembered included: Helen Abts, Lois Aebersold, Zuleika Anderson, Mary Barger, Joyce Berg, Marjorie Blake, Carol Bonham, Ruth Gentry Boring, Ellen Brashares, Vera Darleen Campbell, Norma Carmin, Neoma Colpitts, Betty Dixon, Ruth Ellen Edwards, Susanna Ellis, Elvera Martin Esche, Betty Jo Fields, Irene Garner, E. Marie Giles, Donald Rocky Ginder, M. Virginia Hershberger, Bernice Kennell, Mildred Kessinger, Vivian Laffin, Dorothy McCord, Elvira Miller, Rosemary Morin, Frances Peterson, Agatha Powell, Rose Sievers, Edward Skiba, Clare Stone, Mary Summitt, Mary Wardrip, Naomi Winter, and Marcie Young.

Churches discontinued and remembered (within District) included: Millgrove in Hartford City (E), New Corydon (NE), Zion in Butler (NE), Belleville in Clayton (Cent.), Grace in Urbana (NE), Grant Line in Floyd County (S), Pleasant Chapel (SW), Lockerbie Central in Indianapolis (Cent.), Rigdon (N.Cent.), Patronville (SW), Cynthiana (SW), and God’s Grace Ministries in Marion (N.Cent.).