INDIANAPOLIS – The four proposed amendments to the Constitution of The United Methodist Church voted on during the Indiana Annual Conference session in Indianapolis June 5 were all approved and will be submitted to the General Church to be tallied with the votes from the other annual conferences worldwide. There were 886 valid ballots submitted and nine blank ballots received. The proposed amendments and votes included:

Proposed amendment 1

(¶ 6) The proposed amendment acknowledges God’s action in conferring the gift of the Church by including praying for unity among the tasks of the Church. Yes – 871, No – 6

Proposed amendment 2

(¶ 14) The proposed amendment would allow the General Conference to meet at other times during the calendar year on dates better suited for younger delegates and those with parenting responsibilities. Yes – 841, No – 36

Proposed amendment 3

(¶ 32) The proposed amendment removes the connotation that leadership training is only about preaching in order to develop skills and enhance the spiritual gifts of the laity. Yes – 856, No – 21

Proposed amendment 4

(¶ 40) The proposed amendment gives the power of boundary decisions to jurisdictional and central conferences, bodies that include lay persons. Yes – 687, No – 190

Together photo

Conference members mark their ballots for the constitutional amendments.