The Rev. Doris Aldrich Smith, a retired clergywoman of the Indiana Conference, has released her second book this year about clergywomen. This one is titled Road Trip Trio and is a about a retired clergywoman, who goes on a road trip with two of her friends and includes the adventures they have along the way.

A former Indiana pastor, who for 15 years served United Methodist churches at Athens, Silver Lake Center, Geneva First and Mentone, Doris has incorporated her experiences into two books published by Tate Publishing this year.

Her most recent book Road Trip Trio tells the story of three women who travel together annually. In the book they travel to Sarasota, Fla. The adventure really begins when one of the friends disappears. Their vacation soon becomes a quest, which ends up in Texas.

Her first book published in 2013 is titled Pastor Elle in Heavenly Heels and about the adventures of a clergywoman who loves shoes. Her congregation looks at her feet in the chancel every Sunday to see if she is wearing new ones. Autobiographic? You be the judge.

Doris and her husband Roy live in Indiana, as well as in Ontario, Canada. Her books are available in paperback or as e-books.

According to the Rev. Dr. Cindy Reynolds, executive assistant to the Bishop and Doris’ former district superintendent, “Pastor Elle in Heavenly Heels is a delightful book portraying the life of a clergywoman, who is faced with the normal encounters of a pastor along with the unexpected twists of suspense and romance. It is well written to keep the reader wondering what might happen next in the life of this pastor who encounters people at their best and at their worst…”

For more information and where to buy these two books, visit Tate Publishing’s website at Her own website is