The mission of the Sierra Leone Primary Education Team (Teachers to Teachers) is to provide access to age-appropriate books for primary school children in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to enhance their ability to read, provide opportunity to experience the joy of reading, enlarge their awareness of the world beyond their neighborhood, ignite their creativeness, and open the doors for life-long learning.

The mission of the Education Team also is to provide assistance to teachers and administrators in methodology and techniques in curriculum areas that they choose and request help in order to upgrade the academic achievement of students.

A team of eight left June 20 and returned July 9. Unlike those teams who work with the children (VBS, etc.), Teachers to Teachers establishes libraries in two UMC Primary Schools at Makeni and Kenema and conducts workshops with teachers from those schools and others from the surrounding area, helping them with methodology in language arts, math and science.

The team’s deep appreciation goes out to the churches, UMW circles, Sunday schools and others for their contribution of books, supplies and funds in support of our efforts. Please visit our blog at to learn about the team members and our prayer requests.

This project is supported by Sierra Leone Partners, St. Luke’s UMC, Indianapolis. Sierra Leone Partners is composed of people of several denominations and congregations throughout Indiana. It is working in contact with Operation Classroom, Inc., to provide services to Kissy Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone. This summer’s primary education is headed by Dr. Amy Zent in partnership with Leonard Gbloh, UMC Primary Education director, and Bishop John Yambasu of Sierra Leone. This is the team’s third trip.

Amy Zent is team leader of the St. Luke’s UMC Indianapolis based Sierra Leone Primary Education Team.