INDIANAPOLIS – Worship Leaders Day is a workshop that is designed to celebrate, educate and motivate worship leaders, music directors and worship musicians throughout the state of Indiana. It will be held Friday, June 7 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Indiana Convention Center, 100 South Capitol at Georgia Street, downtown Indianapolis.

The workshop will be led by David Santistevan and hosted by the Indiana Annual Conference Worship Design Team Chairperson, Marion Miller, along with Greg Graham and Brian Frame.

Invite your worship leaders and music directors, musicians – to include keyboardists, drummers and guitarists and other key audiences such as lead vocalists.

This event will occur during the afternoon plenary sessions and is not open to voting conference members, lay or clergy.

Please recruit your worship team to take advantage of this special event. To register, visit

For questions or problems with registration please contact: Lisa Timmerman at 877-781-6706 ext. 1020 or