WARSAW, Ind. – Pastor Cindy Gackenheimer of Celebration United Methodist Church in Warsaw, Ind., shares this Glory Sighting. She writes: I want to tell you about an exciting event that we, at Celebration UMC, offered this past Maundy Thursday. The congregation created a drive-through passion re-enactment.

Our church, which averages about 58 worshipers each Sunday, had more than 50 people involved with the planning and re-enactment, and we ended up having more than 100 cars come through. We also served Communion to more than 200 guests.

The re-enactment had four different areas of viewing. As the cars first came into our driveway, they were met by an usher who gave them a program and directed them to the first scene: Palm Sunday with Jesus riding a donkey and children and youth waving palm branches. Hosanna music filled the background. This scene was presented by the youth from Celebration and Clunette UMC. At this scene each driver and passenger received a home-made palm cross.

In the next scene, we had a tent with the Last Supper scene. Here there were 12 disciples and Jesus serving bread and wine. After the bread was passed, a disciple came out and greeted each car with crackers.

The next scene brought guests to a scene with Jesus carrying the cross. At this point, a Roman soldier whipped Jesus. As Jesus fell, he called Simon to come and help him carry the cross. At this scene everyone received a small wooden cross.

After this scene, cars came to the entrance of our church and a tomb, with a sign inside that read, “He is not here, he is risen!” We served communion from the tomb, either at the tomb or at the cars and recited prayers of forgiveness and the Lord’s prayer.

It was a very powerful experience for all. – Pastor Cindy Gackenheimer, pastorcindy@gmail.com