Mission u Here’s a question for United Methodist Women across Indiana. Do you need a program idea for your unit or circle? You might consider having a sew-in to make the Hands-on Project for 2013 Mission u of the United Methodist Women of Indiana. Mission u will be held at DePauw University in Greencastle July 23-27. If you don’t sew you could just cut the pieces for the project and Mission u participants will work to sew them together. Instructions and patterns for this project can be downloaded here:

Adolescent girls in much of the developing world are often absent from school during their menstrual cycle. Providing feminine hygiene products through Operation Classroom is one step that we as United Methodist Women can take toward ensuring that these girls can continue their education. We would like to prepare individual kits for girls to include at least 12 pads for their monthly cycle. We’ll send as many kits as we can prepare.

In addition to sanitary pads, we are also requesting donations of underpants (modest styles, sizes small to extra large) and cash for shipping. After sewing the pads and purchasing underpants, you can either hold on to them and bring them with you to Mission u this summer OR send them to Diane to store them until July.

For more information, please contact Diane at dmgattone@yahoo.com.

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