HAGERSTOWN, Ind. – Earlier this year, 23 men and 14 women travelled to Sand Mountain in northeast Alabama to help repair homes destroyed or damaged by the 2011 tornado.

This was the eighth consecutive year First United Methodist Church of Hagerstown has organized a mission work team to assist in repairing storm damaged homes in the South.

The work team included volunteers from Hagerstown, plus 14 additional churches and volunteers from four other states beyond Indiana. They worked in conjunction with the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission program and the North Alabama United Methodist Disaster Recovery effort.

Two teams worked on houses where essential items were literally about to fall through the floor. Other volunteers worked on another home with major construction needs and others on a third home, which received a new kitchen ceiling, a back room wall and front and back porch ceilings, as well as a railing for the front porch.

The fourth home was new construction, which replaced a home that was completely destroyed by the tornado in April 2011.

The work accomplished included texturing ceilings; finishing drywall, installing cement board underlayment and floor tile in several rooms, and laying laminate flooring in others.

The homeowners who helped were most appreciative of the team’s assistance as they had neither the skills nor the money to make the necessary improvements.

Information submitted by the Rev. Rodney Frieden, senior pastor, First UMC, Hagerstown, Ind. www.firsthagerstown.org.

Photo courtesy First UMC, Hagerstown

United Methodist Volunteers In mission from the Hagerstown area spent a week of service repairing tornado damaged homes in Alabama.