INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Annual Conference Session continues to expand the number of workshop opportunities that will be available during the 2013 Indiana Annual Conference Session at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis Thursday and Friday, June 6 and June 7. These workshops are open to anyone interested in the topic and not just annual conference members.

All workshop participants must register for these workshops through the Indiana Annual Conference Session registration process available online at opens April 1.

Annual Conference members will register for these workshops as they register for the annual conference session. There is no additional cost to annual conference members for the workshops.

Those who are not members of the annual conference session need to register as “guests,” which is a free registration, however there is a one-time $25 cost for each “guest” attending workshop/s which covers either Thursday and/or Friday workshops. Register early to ensure your participation.

Here is a current list of workshops to be offered on Thursday morning and Friday morning during the Indiana Annual Conference Session.

Thursday, June 6, 9:30 to 11 a.m. (unless otherwise noted) – Indiana Convention Center Breakout Rooms

“Cost Stewardship … it’s about leveraging dollars and sense to fund ministries”

Monte Chamberlin, Founder and owner of Cost Stewardship

Did you get the 25 percent federal tax refund ($3,200) for the $12,800 of UM health care premiums paid on behalf of your pastor? Did your church pay sales, use or excise tax on gasoline, phone, natural gas, water and copier leases and ministries or absorbing ministry dollars? Do you pay correct and fair rates for your energy, mortgage interest, imaging equipment leases, phones, Internet, payroll and office supplies? Hundred of our UM churches are now the backbone of this initiative so please join our workshop to understand why they participate and what new opportunities are coming. Visit Cost Stewardship at for more information or call Monte at 317-409-2984.

“Decision Makers Seminar” to discuss issues coming to Annual Conference Session

Conference Directors

Issues coming before the 2013 Indiana Annual Conference Session requiring a vote of conference members will be discussed. A short five-to-ten minute description of each issue coming to the floor of the Annual Conference Session will be given then the presenter will be open to receive questions about that particular issue.

“Faith and Creation Care”

The Reverend Taylor Burton Edwards and John Hill

What leads United Methodists to care passionately about being good stewards of God’s creation? And how can that passion be directed toward effective action? Come hear a story of “continuing conversion” to Creation Care from Taylor Burton-Edwards, Director of Worship Resources at General Board of Discipleship and member of the Indiana Conference, and learn more about how to get involved and how the United Methodist Church is involved from John Hill, Director of Economic and Environmental Justice with the General Board of Church and Society.

“Fraud and Identity Theft - Consumer Protection Outreach”

Michelle Mayer, Director of Outreach Services, Office of the Indiana Attorney General

Don’t be a victim and protect yourself from scams and identity theft. Learn more about:

  • The latest scams,
  • Techniques and deceptive practices used by fraudsters on the phone, through the mail and on the computer,
  • The importance of protecting your personal information, including your social security number,
  • How to check your credit and how to report anything fraudulent on it, and
  • How to freeze your credit.

“INUMC Festival of Young Preachers” (9 a.m. to noon)

The INUMC Festival of Young Preachers will showcase and encourage young people (14 to 28 years old) who aspire to be preachers of the Gospel. Annual conference attendees are invited to attend the Thursday morning sessions to celebrate, be inspired and encourage these young preachers as they deliver their sermons. The celebration will continue with the Eat, Preach and Praise Dinner on Thursday, which will highlight young voices in ministry through music and spoken word. If you are or you know of a young person between the ages of 14 and 28 years who would like to preach at the Festival, visit for more information.

“Living Sermon Illustrations: Drama as part of the message”

Jewel Abram-Copenhaver and Mark Abram-Copenhaver, Associate Professor of Theatre, St. Mary’s College

The workshop will focus on the ways in which drama can be used as part of a sermon. We will cover the process of developing dramatic sketches that are custom designed to be used by the pastor as an integral part of the message. We will discuss the concept, writing, rehearsing and presentation of these dramatic sketches. Then we will take some time to look at some examples of suck in sketches in use and try making some ourselves. NO PREVIOUS ACTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

“New Annual Conference Member Orientation”

Conference Lay Leaders and Associate Lay Leaders

There will be an orientation for first-time annual conference members both lay and clergy. Please plan to come if this is your first time at annual conference or if you just need to be refreshed.

“Stamp Out Stigma Seminar on HIV/AIDS”

The Reverend Lisa Marchal, Old Bethel UMC and Global Grassroots Associate, RESULTS

30 years after the pandemic hit the United States, people in all walks of life – churches included – are still grappling with how to engage with those affected by the epidemic in faithful ways. Be part of this newly piloted seminar, borne out of the Mission and Social Advocacy Team of the Indiana Conference, and learn more about how to talk about the stigma of AIDS that can be such a powerful barrier to effective ministry with those affected by this disease. This seminar will explore the AIDS pandemic, the stigma that still exits around the disease, and resources you can use in your own ministry settings to help you facilitate dialogue and understanding as you seek to minister to the community.

Friday, June 7, 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. (unless otherwise noted) – Indiana Convention Center Breakout Rooms

“The 5 Essentials of TEAM”

The Rev. Dr. R Mark Beeson, Granger Community UMC

Five critical ingredients are key to the success of every team in your church. Mark Beeson’s workshop will give you those keys. By the time his workshop ends, participants will know exactly why people join teams, and why people leave teams. Whether your mission is to launch another campus, build a student ministry, develop a pre-school nursery or reach your city for Christ, your ability to build the team to get the job done is essential. Does your team exist to advance the Kingdom of GOD and make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world? “The 5 Essentials of TEAM” will help you succeed in your mission.

“Being Transformed Through Personal Prayer”

Paula Gast

Do you want to be transformed by the amazing power of God’s love? Do you need encouragement and a new passion for God in your personal prayer life? If so, you will want to attend this exciting workshop. Paula Gast will guide participants toward a clearer understanding of how ongoing personal prayer will not only strengthen ones relationship with God, but also help to transform us more and more into the image of Christ. Our hope is that participants will leave the workshop with a desire to deepen their own prayer life, and that they will gain new insights about personal prayer that they can share with someone else.

“Changing the World through Multi-Site Ministry”

Steve Clouse, Associate Director for Church Development, Indiana Conference of the UMC

Discover the disciple-making strategy that is changing the face of ministry in the Indiana Conference. Participants will become familiar with a variety of multi-site models, hear testimony from leaders involved in this ministry and discover questions to guide their congregation’s discernment process.

“Changing the World through Social Media”

Helene Foust, Associate Director of Student Ministries, Indiana Conference of the UMC

This workshop is designed for church leaders interested in enhancing their ministry using the latest in web and social media technology.

“Changing the World TOGETHER”

The Rev. Brian Durand, Associate Director of Leadership Development, Indiana Conference of the UMC

Is there a way that different generations can understand each other, celebrate differences and be the church in the world together? Yes, yes and yes. Come to gain an understanding of generational differences and a set of questions to challenge and enlighten the conversations in your local congregation.

“Culturally Relevant Ministry in a Changing World”

Sharon Washington, Associate Director for Church Development, Indiana Conference of the UMC

Is your church struggling to understand and meet the needs of a changing world? Have you tried new programs, but they just don’t seem to be culturally relevant? Does your congregation want to become more effective and fruitful in making disciples? Have you considered how well your leadership is prepared to lead in a changing world? If so, we look forward to helping you refocus on God’s mission and improve your understanding of how much the world is changing and how the church can keep up with the changes. We’ll explore resources that can help the church better prepare its leaders to get real results. Participants will wrestle with their natural tendency to avoid change, because of what they think they will lose by getting out of their comfort zone.

“Equipping World Changers – Equipping Youth as Leaders”

The Rev. Glen Robyne, Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Youth, – First UMC, West Lafayette and Co-Director of Wesley Foundation at Purdue University

Youth are frequently referred to as the future of our church, however, we believe they possess God-given gifts and talents to serve right now. This workshop will provide tips and tools to build ministries that equip and inspire youth to embrace an active, living faith in Jesus Christ that leads to a commitment to serve God and God’s people. Invite your whole team to engage in learning and discussion together.

“Gifted for World Change”

Dr. Ben Gates, IPFW/Greater Fort Wayne Campus Minister

Tired of the traditional “spiritual gifts” workshop? Join us for a fresh, cutting-edge exploration of how God has specially gifted and equipped each of us for service in our corner of the Kingdom. Let’s talk about how gifted individuals complement one another to create a unique community of faith on the move to change the world.

“Raising World Changers – Inspiring young hearts to serve”

The Rev. David Williamson, Pastor of Family Ministries, St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis

God has given each of us unique and important gifts to serve – including and especially children! This workshop will provide practical ways to engage kids in mission/service to use their gifts to change the world around them.