GREENWOOD, Ind. – December 23rd was a historic day for the members of Greenwood United Methodist Church just south of Indianapolis. The congregation opened its doors and hearts to welcome a Mizo Congregation to worship.

There were about 40 Mizo people (Upper Myannmar Methodist Refugees from Malaysia) in worship in their own language.

Pastor In Suk Peebles writes, “God filled my heart so full of wonder and awe that I had a hard time containing the joy of witnessing the mighty work of God with Mizo refugees here during this season of glad tidings in the community and our Indiana Conference. Putting aside all the details of the event, it was one of the biggest days of our life and we were all happy!”

Members of the Mizo Congregation are refugees from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who do not speak English with the exception of their pastor, Talthuamluaia Ralte, and his 21 year old son.

The congregation desired to have a place to worship in The United Methodist Church as the congregation has outgrown their current space – Pastor Ralte’s three bedroom apartment.

This small congregation of 40 members will be using the Greenwood facility for worship each Sunday at 1 p.m.