Lockerbie Central UMCINDIANAPOLIS ( – The historic downtown church building that housed a small congregation of United Methodists and also the Earth House Collective is closing and will likely be sold. “The building was just too costly,” said the Rev. Brenda Freije, pastor of Lockerbie Central UMC. That, or the congregation was just too small. It had dwindled to only a couple dozen people, and after the closure in August of its affiliate Earth House, keeping the church building no longer made financial sense. “As a small community of faith, we cannot fund and maintain the building on our own,” said Freije in a written statement Jan. 1. “With sadness, we announce that our property will be going up for sale in February.” The building, at 237 N. East Street, reverts to the ownership of the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church, which has not made the decision to sell it, at least not officially. According to Brent Williams, Conference Director of Administrative Services, Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner and the Cabinet will make a decision about the future of the building. “The handful of Lockerbie Central members will stick together,” Freije said. “They’ll meet in each others’ homes and in coffee shops and sometimes at the Christian Theological Seminary.”