INDIANAPOLIS – After numerous months of negotiations and waiting, Brent Williams, director of Administrative Services of the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church, has informed the Indiana Conference Trustees about the three property sales which have been completed or in the process of being completed. They include:

  • The sale of the former Oakwood Inn and Conference Center in Syracuse, Ind. on Lake Wawasee, was completed Dec. 18, 2012, after a lengthy process by a court-appointed receiver. The former North Indiana Conference and current Indiana Conference have spent $1.4 million to maintain the Oakwood property when the former Oakwood Foundation for Adult Ministries board terminated its operations in March 2008. Once the courts placed the property in the hands of a court-appointed receiver in June 2010, the conference has waited to be repaid for its expenses to maintain the property. Because of the sale of the property, the Indiana Conference has been repaid $1.4 million to cover its expenses on maintaining the Oakwood Inn property since its closure.
  • The Indiana Conference completed Dec. 28, 2012 the sale of the former South Indiana Conference Center on Liberty Drive in Bloomington. Proceeds were a little under $1 million, after payment of the mortgage, realtor and closing costs. From the remaining funds, the conference will pay the carrying costs on the property for the past three years including such things as legal fees, utilities, insurance and maintenance. In less than a month, the conference will pay all remaining bills on the property and will be able to report a final figure of the remaining proceeds. The Conference Trustees will need to bring a recommendation to the Indiana Annual Conference Session in June about the use of the net proceeds.
  • The Indiana Conference has a contract for sale that includes a front-end lease of the former North Indiana Conference Center in Marion. The conference anticipates the sale of the property to be completed in June of this year.

Upon the announcement of this news, Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner commented, “"It is good to have these three property issues resolved, and I appreciate the role of our Conference Trustees and Mr. Brent Williams in finalizing these sales.”