I was hungry, and you fed me, or more importantly, you helped us learn how to feed ourselves.

ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) is far and away the most significant player in the world today when it comes to engagement with agriculture in the developing world.

ECHO is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization whose vision is “Honoring God through Sustainable Hunger Solutions.” ECHO is based on a demonstration farm in North Fort Myers, Fla.

ECHO exists for one major reason – to help those working internationally with the poor be more effective, especially in the area of agriculture! We do this in three ways: through Innovation, through Education and Training, and through Networking (with partners working in agriculture in the developing world around the globe.)

ECHO will be conducting its 19th Annual ECHO Agricultural Conference, Dec. 4-6. The event brings together some of the world’s most influential voices dedicated to eradicating hunger and improving lives.

Speakers will share practical solutions to agricultural challenges, personal experiences and strategies for improving the lives of millions who daily face the threat of starvation. The event offers an open exchange of information, connecting the people and ideas that can make a real and sustainable difference.

Conference accommodation and meeting rooms for morning and evening sessions will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (cpfortmyers.com) in the Bell Tower district of Fort Myers. Afternoon workshops and demonstrations will be held at the 50-acre ECHO farm in North Fort Myers, which has one of the largest collections of tropical fruits and vegetables in the Unites States.

Bob and Sandy Coolman, associate directors of Operation Classroom, will be attending. According to the Coolmans, “If you are involved in, or interested in, agriculture in the developing world in any way, there is no better forum to learn about what’s going on, what works, and how to get it done.”

For more details, contact Bob and Sandy Coolman at 219-464-2702, or email Bob at robert.coolman@inumc.org.

Sandy and Bob Coolman
Sandy and Bob Coolman are the associate directors of Operation Classroom. They live in Valparaiso.