This fall I will be coming to each district for what I call “District Days” in which I visit with the district superintendent, district staff and other key lay leaders and clergy whom the superintendent selects for me to meet. I have been holding these District Days each year since we launched the new Indiana Conference.

This year at the suggestion of the Indiana Conference Committee on Episcopacy (similar to a Pastor-Parish Relations Committee for me), my District Days also will include a “reception” in each district which will be a kind of “welcome back” gathering for my reassignment to Indiana.

I hope that many of you will be able to attend the District Day Reception in your district or in a neighboring district if it better fits your schedule and travel. This will be a special time not just to greet me and welcome me back to Indiana, but to help me to discern how to direct my time, energy and attention these next four years.

At each of those District Day Receptions, I will be sharing some thoughts about the next four years. Then I will be asking for your input and ideas. The Conference Committee on Episcopacy will help me take note of your thoughts and process them into a plan for this, my third term as your bishop.

When I was assigned to serve the Indiana Area in 2004, I shared that I did not come home to Indiana to “play church” but to try to make a real difference here in Indiana and around the world. That continues to be my desire. Now my prayer has become: “Lord, help me to finish strong.”

These next four years can be very meaningful and significant if we work together to discern and to obey God’s direction for our United Methodist Church in Indiana. For that to happen, I need your help, so please attend a District Day Reception and share your best thoughts, hopes, dreams, ideas, concerns and discernment with me and with each other.

I believe that we can finish strong -- together.

Bishop Michael J. Coyner,
Indiana Area of
The United Methodist Church
Making a difference in Indiana
and around the world.

Dates of the District Day Receptions

Sept. 20 – Northwest District – Logansport Cross~Wind UMC

Oct. 1 – North District – LaPorte First UMC

Oct. 3 – West District – Mt. Pleasant UMC, North Campus

Oct.11 – Central District – Castleton UMC

Oct. 18 – North Central District – Anderson First UMC

Oct. 22 – Southwest District – Lynnville UMC

Oct. 23 – Southeast District – Rockford UMC Fellowship Center, Seymour

Oct. 29 – Northeast District

Nov. 1 – East District

Nov. 13 – South District

Visit to view each District Day’s time and place.