Rather than lighting candles as the names of those clergy and clergy spouses who have died in the past conference year were read, water from glass pitchers, one for each one remembered, was poured into a very large basin, as a bell rang during the Thursday night memorial service, June 7, at the Indiana Annual Confereence session in Indianapolis.

Before the ceremonial reading from Conference Secretary Carolyn Johnson, the Rev. Anne Rosebrock encouraged the annual conference not to be discouraged in the midst of ministry, both as clergy and laity. In her sermon, she praised the dedication and the service of those who have gone before us.

On a lighter side, she said, “If you think serving the church is paradise, watch out for the alligators.”

She noted how quick we are to accept compliments and forget those who have helped us along the way.

“We are lifted on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. We stand on their shoulders as we forge a life of prayer.”

She referenced the hymn, “There is a Balm in Gilead” with the words, “to help the sin sick soul.”

“But what if we can’t preach like Peter and pray like Paul? We aren’t in the same league.”

She said, “We get discouraged with the denomination we love, with apathy and resignation in the church we serve. We get discouraged we aren’t delivering the message… or the life we profess. We get discouraged when we hear the prospect of prosperity rather than radical justice...

“We get discouraged because we aren’t building a foundation on the power of prayer,” she said.

“These we remember tonight dedicated their lives to tell the story of the love of Jesus… Follow them as we tell the love story even when you aren’t sure anyone is listening… Tell the love of Jesus… Tell the story of Jesus who prepares a place of all those who have gone before and for us…”

She concluded by saying, “Let us stand tall on their shoulders… We hope that our beloved United Methodist Church of Indiana would choose abundant life to revive the soul of this church once again… Just tell the love of Jesus and say he died for all.”

The Rev. Anne Rosebrock of Meridian Street UMC reminded the conference that “we are lifted on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.”

Those remembered

Clergy: James (Bob) Armstrong, James Bastain, Earl Bonham, George Bredemeier, Herbert Byrne, Edwin Case, John Cheesman, John Coahran, Glendon Dixon, Samuel Emerick, Bernard Willis Gierhart, Debra Grady, Tim Grayless, Fred Henschen, John Hoadley, James Hook, Kenneth Jackson, Jerold Jensen, Jeffrey Jones, Bruce Kenline, Donald Lacy, James Lamb, Thomas Lapham, Alvin L. Mattox, David W. Patrick, Donald Ruhl, George St. Angelo, Gaylord Saltzgaber, Kendall Sands, Raymond Shelton, Steven Singelstad, Doris Stevenson, Marvin Swanson, Jon Belton Walters, Jacob C. Williams, Eugene Woolever

Spouses: Sybil Atkins, Jeanette Bayne, Julie Beach, Geneva Berger, Dorothy Bonewitz, Gladys Bradley, Dorothy Burchfield, Jesse Clements, Pauline Doles, Stella Gilbreath, Mary Hiatt, Gladys Keith, Jeannette Kenline, Doris King, Dorothy Carol Kundenreich, Dorothy McClure, Celia McGinnis, Violet McMahan, Dorothy McMillan, Minnietta Millard, Audra Miller, Donald Nester, Alberta Offutt, Delores Palmer, Lillie Patrick, Margaret Phillips, Sara Rees, Mary Richey, Dorothy Sawyer, Billie Shepherd, Diane Squibb, Agnes Irene Steltz, Gladys Sumner, Kathryn Todd, Mona Valentine, Miriam R. Wade, Gloria Shirley Walls, Mabel Williams, Lorraine Willyard, Carolyn Wolf