Ordained Elders

Left to right: Front row: James Hiram Higdon, Dirk Alan Caldwell, Andrea Ruth Bremme, Brenda Hacker Freije, Ruth Irene Waite
Back row: Charles Frederic Kersey, Andrew Clyde Charnstrom, Peter Hoyt Curts, Brian Keith Williams, Devin Russell Cook, Christopher Charles Stahlman, Colin Christopher Cress, Edward C. Fisher

Commissioned to be provisional members

Left to right: Front row: Benjamin William Cassiday, Colleen Ann Harden, Sarah Marie Knapp Ellis, Charles Ray Fenwick, Heather Alaine Foley
Back row: Nicholas Kendall Robinson, Daryl Anthony Gilbert, Christopher Reed Renick, Christopher Dale Neikirk, Christopher Michael Stephens, James Edward Roach, John Edgar Huff, Christopher William Lantz


Left to right: Janet Carol Funk and Sean Michael Litherland Johnson

Provisional from other denomination

Left to right: Marion Jean Miller and Amber Karkosky-Litten