Friday’s workshops June 8 addressed how to Make ROOM through spiritual practices, vital congregations, reaching our neighbors and more. The largest workshop, led by Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean, pinpointed the apathetic attitude of youths toward religion and provided a strategy to counteract the growing trend. Dean identified Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD), the philosophy that God exists but doesn’t play a role in our lives, as the dominant religion in the United States. How can we Make ROOM in the church for apathetic youths and adults who practice this pseudo-Christian religion? Dean challenges us to be constant in mission and “translate” the Good News. She advised that translation should be conveyed through love rather than factual expertise. We must show that we do good works not because we’re good people, but because we love Christ and follow his teachings. It’s easier to share our faith if we first love God. Your demonstration of love may translate into others’ love for Christ and an eventual desire to know Him.

Kenda Creasy Dean