Music, awards and holy conferencing about how churches “Make ROOM” were found throughout the laity session.

Dr. Jim Ozier and Fiona Macleod presented “Making Room Makes a Difference.”

“The time to act is now,” said Ozier. Clergy and laity need to work together to intentionally learn who is in our mission field and invite them to participate in the life and activities of the church. It is trying to figure out where we fit. It takes all of us working together,” he said.

Macleod encouraged laity to look at their culture, leadership, imagination and celebration. Using examples from Southwest Airlines, Macleod shared that fun and sheer enjoyment is part of Southwest’s culture. “It’s in their lifeblood. It’s what makes them loved.

“How can we unlock the power of culture with what we have?” asked Macleod. “We want to inspire and we want to be inspired. We need to have people around us who long for something. The question is: Do you see them?”

Macleod reminded the laity the importance of looking at yourself and also looking at other leaders around. At the local church, do you look at the possibilities, the future, the potential or do you look for scarcity or abundance? Do you understand your current reality and your vision? Do you know where the resources and talent are? Churches and members need to understand their current realities – both good and bad. “We need to make room to have those conversations as well,” said Macleod.

Southwest looks after their employees. It goes against the concept of customer first, employees second. The thought is if you love your employees first, they will go out and love the customer. “We must offer each other a spirit of hospitality.”