HAGERSTOWN, Ind. – More than 200 individuals from five denominations led by First United Methodist Church in Hagerstown participated in packaging meals for Kids Against Hunger to benefit Mission Guatemala and our local food pantries. “The idea that one person can make a difference is not new.

We hopefully demonstrated that a united community of faith can work together to end problems as well,” said Pastor Rodney Frieden of First UMC in Hagerstown. Residents from ages 4 to 94 years converged on the Hagerstown Elementary School Gymnasium on Saturday morning, May 19. One dozen assembly lines were operated to produce and pack 48,708 vitamin-fortified Soy-Rice Casserole Meals. Some 40,068 meals will be on the way to Guatemala while 8,640 will stay in Hagerstown to assist local families in need.

The event was underwritten by participating churches with help from the local chapter of the Future Farmers of America (FFA). A generous contribution from the Walmart Foundation Community Grant also assisted. The Event Coordinator, Amanda Huffine, commented, “Growing up in Hagerstown, this was real exciting to see our community truly come together for such a great cause!”

Photos courtesy Hagerstown UMC.

The hands of volunteers are busy packing food for children in Guatemala during the Kids Against Hunger packing event in Hagerstown.