EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Simpson United Methodist Church in Evansville recently sponsored the Give Ye Them To Eat mission experience to the Tree of Life Training Center in Tlancaulpican, Mexico. The 15 volunteers in mission served the training center Feb. 10-19.

The team said people in this area never dreamed that this rough 30 acres of grazed land that contained invasive Boat Thorn Acacia shrubs, stones and rocks and three large gullies could be transformed into a training center that would help many of the poor rural people in the region.

The group reported that the trip was a great experience “where you have the opportunity to work on a training center which helps local people learn simple basic technology leading them to: better nutrition, improved sanitation, efficient and safer stoves, improved animal husbandry, better agricultural procedures with less erosion and better yields, build homes economically using insulating straw bale construction, discover new water pumps and water purification techniques, build composting toilets for improved sanitation, experience spiritual faith development and the list goes on.”

For more information about the trip, contact Grant Hartman at 812-963-5418.

Photos courtesy of Simpson UMC

Hoosier volunteers in mission pour concrete slabs at the Gethsemeni Methodist Church in Tlancaulpican.