FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Covenant United Methodist Church in Fort Wayne is the first church to reach a Two-Star Level in the Northeast Indiana Sustainable Business Council’s (NISBC) “Bright Green Program.”

Ken and Jan Modesitt, two very passionate stewards of our earth’s resources and members of Covenant UMC, have led the way for their church to achieve an outstanding green award. They received training provided by the NISBC so they could raise awareness and help their church become more sustainable.

Finally, in September 2011, the Modesitts were ready to certify their church. They have become the first church to reach the “Two-Star” level certification as a Bright Green Business/organization.

Here are some highlights from their certification:

  • Coordinated with the City of Fort Wayne to install bike racks on their property.
  • Installed a bulletin board to post memos and church communications, cutting down on duplicate mailings and paper. The bulletin board is made of recycled tires.
  • Purchased and now utilize “Earth-to-Go” cups. The Earth Cup is a hot beverage container that comes in several sizes and is made from 100 percent compostable materials and can be found at:
  • Contacted Waste Management to make their dumpster a single-stream recycling location. They can now recycle cardboard, magazines, paper, junk mail, phone books, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, steel cans, aluminum cans and aerosol cans.
  • Placed a recycling container in each room of the church building.
  • They have worked with other members in charge of renovation projects on utilizing recycled carpet, power panels for energy reduction, Energy Star appliances and placing signs to remind others to turn off lights. The Modesitts have also worked with their pastors, The Revs. Jack Scott and Jan Funk, to give sermons on green stewardship.

Together congratulates Ken and Jan Modesitt, Pastors Scott and Funk and the members and friends of Covenant UMC on their achievement.

Photo courtesy Covenant UMC

Covenant UMC members Ken and Jan Modesitt helped their church win stewardship award.