NORTH WEBSTER, Ind. – The Indiana Conference’s high school summer camp event staff for That Thing at Epworth Forest Conference Center is excited about a number of new groups joining the program this summer from around the conference. That Thing is a Christian camp program designed to not just provide an evangelical outreach opportunity, but also helps to provide foundational steps and inspiration that helps students understand the importance of living a missional life as the hands and feet of God in the world today.

For 2012, Epworth Forest added a fourth session of That Thing for the later portion of the summer, July 15-20. As of March 7, 997 private lodge tickets have been purchased which has sold out the private lodges for the first three sessions. Individual tickets (the Campus House), off-site tickets and the Epworth Dorms options are still open those weeks with some limited availability. With more and more new groups joining the experience, the camp has already sold 155 more private lodge tickets than were sold during summer 2011.

The leadership of Impact 2818 is passionate about this program being a catalyst for strengthening a student’s longevity and impact as a follower of Christ. “We want to see students living out the gospel with a message of hope and love, and to see them respond to injustice in their communities both near and far,” Ryan Gernand, Epworth Forest CC Program Manager, remarked. And, not just now, but for the remainder of their lives.”

This is the perfect time to get your group signed. Contact the churches in your cluster and plan an event together. The design of this program provides great opportunities to strengthen and unite your local faith community.

Learn more about planning a life-changing experience at That Thing for your students this summer at or by contacting Ryan Gernand at 574-834-2212 ext.1001. For more information about Impact summer camp opportunities, visit and click on Impact 2818.