Welcome to the January-February issue of the Hoosier United Methodist Together conference newspaper, supported by your church’s conference tithe to the Indiana Conference. It’s the first of three issue changes making Together a bi-monthly publication distributed six times a year rather than nine times a year, the frequency since January 2004. Together currently has 12,500 complimentary subscriptions and 1,000 paid subscriptions.

Why the change?

The conference lacks the funds to support nine-issues. It’s part of a larger cost cutting strategy the Conference Directors made to cut $700,000 from the 2012 conference budget to align expenses with projected income. The Together budget was cut $15,000, equivalent to three issues. We will maintain the minimum 12-page size with color on each page.

In order to preserve space, In Memoriam (death notices) will be limited to deceased clergy and clergy spouses. The conference’s weekly electronic publication, e-News, will continue to list a more extended list of death notices. We will electronically deliver all death notices first as announcements issued as soon as we obtain needed information and repeat them in e-News. To subscribe to the conference’s electronic publications, which include announcements, visit www.inumc.org/site/stayconnected.

Second change

Another change will take place before the March-April issue. Together has maintained address changes since the uniting of the two former conferences, but has not been able to update its circulation list for the past couple of years. Up to this time, Together has maintained its own separate mailing list copied from local church charge conference reports.

To merge the current Together mailing list with the conference database is too expensive. It’s also too expensive to notify by mail each person who will no longer receive a complimentary copy due to changes in leadership. Therefore, beginning hopefully with the March-April issue, a complimentary subscription to Together will be mailed to a newly comprised list from the conference database.

The complimentary subscription mailing list will include people currently holding the following positions: Clergy – active and retired, surviving clergy spouses, local church lay leader, a copy to each local church, conference lay members, council chairperson, mission chairperson, staff-parish chairperson, UMM president and UMW president. More may be added.

If anyone holding one of these positions do not want a printed issue and plan to receive Together online, please let us know and we will remove your name from the print publication mailing list. This is another way the conference can save expenses.


Those members who no longer hold any of these local church positions will no longer receive a complimentary subscription to Together. This may be your last complimentary issue. However, we invite those who previously received complimentary issues because of their positions as well as Hoosier United Methodists to subscribe to the Hoosier United Methodists Together newspaper at the annual rate of $12 or two-year rate of $20. Make a check payable to the Indiana Conference UMC and mail to Together, 301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46280, with Together subscription written on the memo line. Also include name, address, city, state and ZIP.

We also offer each issue of Together electronically – FREE. In fact the past seven years of Together are available online at www.inumc.org, click on Together in the top navigation bar to open list.

Cutting Together print publication funds also will open up other parts of the conference budget to keep up with the increasing needs of electronic publication through e-mail, and on the web, LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with a paradigm shift in the way we communicate.

The print publication of Together has not been discontinued because many people prefer to read newspapers in print and not online. We expect during the coming years, print publication will continue to decrease as electronic publications increase.

The Indiana Conference Communication staff will continue to keep Hoosier United Methodists informed regardless of the medium used.

Daniel R. Gangler

The conference lacks the funds to support nine-issues. It’s part of a larger cost cutting strategy...