Books on the theory of pastoral ministry are good to guide especially those new to pastoral ministry. Books on the practice of pastoral ministry are great.

The Rev. Mike Beck’s book, No Longer Silent: Doing Pastoral Ministry with Excellence and Grace, is well worth the read and fits into one of those great practical books category. Throughout the book, Beck, a Hoosier United Methodist pastor now on disability leave, focuses on the essentials of pastoral ministry and how to do these essentials well. If excellent ministry is in the details, Beck gives detailed practical explanations of why he did what he did.

His love of ministry becomes apparent as he speaks to ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of people wherever one is called and appointed to serve. He acknowledges that excellence just doesn’t come on its own, one needs to focus and work toward excellence. He also gives some solid advice when it comes to leading not by self-will but by consensus, as well as welcoming and assimilating new members into a congregation.

According to Beck, church growth comes from understanding and reaching out to the people who are not in the pew, those whom many call “unchurched.” He writes: “If the church is truly to experience a revival, we must seek to understand the needs and thinking of ‘unchurched Harry and Mary.’ Then he explains how he reaches out to these people.

Those practical essentials of ministry must have worked for Beck. In his 22 years of active pastoral ministry he served churches at Greesnburg, Corydon and Franklin. Both of his past two appointments experienced a 50 percent growth rate.

He also speaks to overcoming disabilities, like the disabilities of his rare neurological disorder that eventually forced him into a disability status.

Bishop Mike Coyner said this about Becks’ book: “No Longer Silent is a wonderful story of one pastor’s journey of faith while being on incapacity leave, along with a great list of ‘gems of wisdom’ from his years of pastoral experience… Any pastor of any denomination or age can gain insights, encouragement, advice and inspiration from this book, and I recommend it heartily.”

The best price for this book can be obtained by ordering directly from the publisher at, enter “No Longer Silent” in the title search box on top of the page and hit the SEARCH button. Hardcover copies sell for $16.95 plus handling. Softcover copies sell for $10.95 plus handling. Copies of the book are also available from other mainline publishers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book companies.

Beck says he also is available for preaching or leadership workshops at the following address: 8545 Belle Union Court, Camby, IN 46113 or e-mail