Thanks for your support of OC

Your support has made a difference in the lives of youth and adults in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Because of the support from you and other individuals and churches, we have been able to do these things: Provide more than 1,200 scholarships to students in 15 United Methodist Schools in Liberia and Sierra Leone; ship two containers to Sierra Leone containing 2,570 boxes with a value of $78,000; ship two containers to Liberia containing 1,400 boxes, desks and chairs with a value of $60,000; assist in teacher training programs in Liberia and assist in developing vocational programs in three schools; finish construction of an elementary building; begin construction on an assembly hall; assist in the construction of an elementary building which is not yet completed; assist in the payment of teachers’ salaries; pay the salary of the chief medical officer Dr. Dennis Marke at Kissy General Hospital; assist in funding the nutrition program at Kissy Hospital; pay the salary and expenses of the coordinators in Liberia and Sierra Leone; provide for the administrative costs of the program, school and medical supplies; distribute more than 2,200 Bibles or New Testaments to the schools; ship one more container to Liberia in November; provide four workshops in Liberia for the school counselors; and assist three schools to begin programs which will lead them to self-sustainability.

Operation Classroom is currently partnering with the schools in: construction projects for additional classrooms; developing vocational programs; providing science equipment, funds to purchase textbooks to go with the syllabus, scholarships, assistance in the counseling programs in Liberia and funds to assist the schools to develop programs for self sustainability; and planning teacher training programs.

Operation Doctor also is partnering with the hospitals at Kissy in Sierra Leone and in Liberia.

Joe Wagner, co-coordinator
Operation Classroom-
Operation Doctor
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Red Bird trip

The Chesterton United Methodist youth and leaders thank you and the United Methodist Women for giving us the opportunity to attend Red Bird Mission work camp again this year. Our team of 15 consisted of 7 adults and 8 youth/young adults; ages 17-21.

Our work camp project was the Red Bird Mission School. We replaced the ceiling tiles in the cafeteria (approx. 600 square feet), and in the library. We also stripped the paint off many doors and cleaned classrooms, all in preparation for the coming school year.

Because most of the young adults are now in college, I thought this would be our last trip. However, on the last night, several of them approached me and asked to schedule a trip again next year. All I need to do is tell them the date, and they will arrange their summer schedule accordingly. You can feel God working through them.

Both Cathy Allison and I are very proud of the youth/young adults of our church.

Don Cundiff
Chesterton, Ind.