INDIANAPOLIS – The Lucille Raines Residence, owned and operated by the United Methodists Women of Indiana, needs assistance in reroofing the original building and the dining room addition.

The building, located at 947 N. Pennsylvania Street, serves as a residential facility for men and women actively engaged in rebuilding their lives from substance abuse. It’s an outreach ministry of the UMW of Indiana.

According to Carolyn Marshall, the facility’s executive director, “Roof replacement will allow us to reclaim rooms now unusable and prevent permanent structural damage. Sharing in this opportunity will allow us to continue our mission of helping men and women rebuild their lives, reestablish relationships with families and friends, and once again become viable, productive members of society.”

The estimated cost of the 6,488-square-foot reroofing project is $54,673; that’s about $8.43 a square foot.

During the recent annual meeting of the United Methodists Women of Indiana, leaders asked UMW units across the state to send gifts designated for “LRR roof.” Contributions for the reroofing project can be sent to the Lucille Raines Residence, 947 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204-1070.

For more information or answers to questions, call 317-636-3328 or

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UMW’s Lucille Raines Residence building in Indianapolis needs a new roof.