Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner invites interested individuals to join him on a 10-day February 2013 pilgrimage to Israel. This trip also has a significantly reduced price for any ordinand who has not been to Israel.

Travelers will experience the so-called “Fifth Gospel” – the land of our faith – as the biblical stories related to Jesus take on new meaning. New to this trip will be a visit to Caesarea Philippi where Peter made his confession: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

Highlights will include: a brief worship service on the Sea of Galilee, remembering our baptism at the Jordan River, walking the Way of the Cross in Old Jerusalem and Communion in the Garden Tomb site.

Prices start at $3,000 from Indianapolis and include airfare, hotels, daily breakfast and dinner buffets, entrance fees, most gratuities and fuel surcharges at this time. Pastors who register or are registered as Tour Hosts with Educational Opportunities can earn a trip by hosting others to travel with them.

Brochures are available. For more information and information about being a Tour Host, contact Trip Coordinator Norm Nellis at or call 765-491-5011.

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The Old City, seen behind the Dome of Rock resting on the Temple Mound in Jerusalem, is one of many places included.