For those who are new to the Christian faith and church members who know little about the Bible and the history of the church, here are two books worth considering.

Both are written by C. Jack Trickler a United Methodist layman, who lives in LaPorte, Ind. Trickler, a mechanical engineer by profession, is now retired. After retirement, he found time to delve more deeply into his interest in the history of Christianity and the origins of the Bible.

His first book was A Layman’s Guide to: Who Wrote the Books of the Bible? When? Why? “Bible” as used in the title of this book refers to the Bibles used by mainstream American Jews, Roman Catholics and Protestants. This book focuses on the books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, including those of the Apocrypha.

This is a study of the people who wrote the books of the Bible, the historical, political and social settings in which they wrote and the factors that caused the authors to write. The search for the authors and what motivated them to write takes the readers into the origins of the stories that make up a large part of the Bible.

While many popular and scholarly books have been written about the authorship of specific books of the Bible, this book deals with all of the books of the Bible in a single, concise volume.

This book is written in lay language with footnotes suggesting where readers can find further information for additional study. This book presents various views on given topics presented in Scripture like the authorship of a book.

It is available from and

Trickler’s second book, A Layman’s Guide to: Why Are There So Many Christian Denominations? Who started them? When? Why? is a concise history of the origins and development of Christian denominations in layman’s language. Readers will not become bogged down in technical or archaic terms. The book begins with the early Christian churches that developed in the time between Jesus’ crucifixion and the formal origins of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches.

This book is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle at Both books are published by Author House of Bloomington, Ind.