I would like to respond to Petition 4, resolution from the Indiana Conference Social Justice Advocacy Team, which the Leadership Table approved by a vote of 11 to 4.

I do not consider myself a xenophobic and do not consider “illegal” racial language. One point in the article is correct. NO child of God is illegal. But people who come into this country illegally are illegal. This has nothing to do with race, religion or politics. This has to do with obeying the laws of the USA. There are correct ways to enter this country and, when those ways are followed, the USA becomes better because of the diversity. When those ways are not followed, the civil structure is weakened.

At what point are civil laws enforced and at what point are civil laws ignored? I have a feeling that, if I am stopped for speeding, the officer will not let me go when I tell him, “Speed limits are just suggestions. I don’t have to obey them.” Breaking the law is breaking the law and changing illegal to undocumented does not alter that fact.

I support the four that voted against this resolution.

Mary Earle