Taking the theme text of Micah 6:6-8, for his Thursday afternoon Bible study, Bishop Mike Coyner said prophets, like Micah, spoke out when the nation of Israel was on the wrong course. That’s the role of the prophet in the Hebrew Scriptures – correcting course.

Coyner said the text reminded him of the movie Apollo 13, where actor Tom Hanks radios back to Earth, “Houston we have a problem.” Houston in return gave the stranded astronauts the information they needed to correct their course.

Likewise, we, as a people, need to get back into God’s way of living. Coyner said what’s common in the news is corruption, sexual misconduct, even corruption among religious leaders.

“We seem to be more concerned about the form of religion than the substance of religion,” he said.

It was similar in (John) Wesley’s day. Wesley (the founder of the Methodist movement) coined the phrase: “Do no harm; do good; stay in love with God.” His words echoed Micah’s words.

Coyner then reminded members, we can’t let the elections be a barrier to our new conference. We are no longer North and South. We need to “elect our leaders in the best interest of the church.”

We need to ask ourselves to work more and to “do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.”