Kent Millard, chairperson of the Conference Council on Finance and Administration, reported the Indiana Conference is strong financially during the report of CF&A. He said in 2010, the conference received more than $15 million of support through the conference tithe. It also received $3 million in Advance Special mission giving.

The conference paid 84 percent of its General Church apportionments. This is up from 59 percent in 2009 giving. In 2010, the conference had a surplus of $500,000.

Highlights of the report also included:

  • In 2010, 629 churches gave 100 percent of their tithe. The conference received $13.5 million. CF&A anticipates we will receive $13.7 million in 2012.
  • In 2012, the total conference budget (including districts) proposed is $15.6 million.
  • In 2012, we are committed to paying 100 percent of our General Church apportionments.
  • We are injecting $200,000 of the 2010 Conference budget surplus back into the 2012 budget.
  • The Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits will be subsidizing our retiree insurance subsidy in 2012 by $500,000.
  • CF&A identified three funds held by the Conference that were earmarked for Pensions and will be paying off a loan in full in 2011 that was costing us $350,000 in interest per year.

CF&A also reported that tithe income is down compared to last year at this time. This year the conference has received $4.3 million. Last year at this time, the conference had received $4.6 million. We are down around $300,000 in income Millard said.

Under the issue of conference policy, CF&A recommends a District Superintendents/Director salary increase in 2012 of .7 percent or a $575 increase more than 2011. These salaries are now based on a percentage of the annual conference average salary.

The 2012 Conference budget was approved by members on June 10.