New conference formed as legal entity

During a June 9 session of conference, these actions were taken and reported by conference trustees and board members of pension and insurance.


Both the former South Indiana Conference and the former North Indiana Conference as legal entities and voting separately approved and adopted the Plan and Agreement of Merger to create a new legal entity known as the Indiana Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, Inc.

Following this action, Mark Dicken, president of the new Indiana Annual Conference as a legal corporation, led the conference in a vote of the Plan and Agreement of Merger. The Indiana Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, Inc. is now a new legal entity. Papers have been filed with the Indiana Secretary of State.

In other business

Greg Rittenhouse, chairperson of the Conference Board of Pension and Insurance, reported that 2012 will be the final year of the three-year Comprehensive Pension Plan holiday for the Annual Conference to meet pension obligations. He said, “This window was necessary for all conferences, including us, to meet pension obligations that, otherwise, would not have been met without major difficulty due to the economic pressures of the recession.” The report was adopted by the conference.

Rittenhouse requested active clergy and other employees of the conference to complete their Quest Diagnostic health screening before Aug. 31 and complete the online Health Quotient from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30 at