Indiana churches working together have supported four students at United Methodist-related Africa University this past school year. Several others are funded by individual congregations or proceeds from Indiana Conference Endowed Scholarships established for that purpose by the former North and South Indiana conferences.

All four students, Christian Zigbuo, Kita Mutwale Jean, Frederico Robert Armando and Kasongo Ngoy Sebastien expressed their gratitude to Hoosier United Methodists for their support.

Zigbuo sent a message saying he was doing an internship with the Africa University Information and Communication Technology Department.

Jean wrote of his sense of accomplishment in “now being able to speak English very well.” In addition to his classes, he has joined a campus group which encourages entrepreneurship.

Armando graduated on June 11 with a B.S. degree in Economics.

Sebastien, too, is enjoying an internship in Africa this summer.

With help from many congregations across the Indiana Conference, four students will again receive full scholarships to continue his or her education at A.U. Names and more details will be provided after enrollment in the fall for the new semester. Financial contributions for these scholarships along with other funds may be sent to the Indiana Conference Center marked in memo “Africa University Student Direct Scholarships.”

These students are preparing to be leaders in the future of Africa. The Indiana Conference is fortunate to be involved in this process.

Africa University also is supported by our conference tithe through Indiana’s share of General Church apportionments.

Ruth Ellen Stone supports A.U. through Indiana Friends of Africa University. Visit the friends Facebook page and click “like.”

Africa University students (from left) Christian Zigbou, Kita Mutwale Jean and Frederico Roberto Armando are appreciative of the support they receive from Hoosier United Methodists.