“Engaging in Ministry with the Poor: Our Heritage” is the United Methodist theme this year for Heritage Sunday, which will be celebrated Sunday, May 22, or on another Sunday designated by individual congregations.

Since the inception of the Indiana Conference as a uniting of the former North and South conferences of The United Methodist Church in Indiana, one of the primary foci has been service to congregations by all commissions, committees and agencies of conference. Indiana’s United Methodist Commission on Archives and History has chosen to do this by virtue of a History, Heritage and Legacy Initiative.

We all continue to learn from our past, grow in our present and anticipate our future. The General Conference calls this a “Ministry of Memory.”

The United Methodist Church’s General Conference has designated Sunday, May 22, as Heritage Sunday. From a historical perspective, this is the Sunday that coincides with John Wesley’s “heart-warming experience” at a religious society meeting on London, England’s Aldersgate Street in 1738.

The Indiana Conference Commission on Archives and History has established a History, Heritage and Legacy Initiative to create awareness within each congregation to look at its rich history, review the heritage that has provided for its growth and legacy this will provide for a bright future.

The commission asks congregations to highlight Heritage Sunday in all of Indiana’s 1,200 congregations by a brief descriptive announcement, such as the sentence by John Wesley and Aldersgate, in congregational newsletters or mailings, or a reference in Sunday worship service bulletins.

Also, churches need to consider having a short presentation during worship by the pastor, or the church historian, about the church and its history.

The Indiana Conference Commission on History and Archives plans to take this History, Heritage and Legacy Initiative to all congregations and to be a resource for members to establish a program, elevate an existing program or to utilize strong programs as mentors for those needing assistance and guidance.

For more information about Heritage Sunday, contact Don Findlay, chairman of the commission by calling 574-293-8058 or e-mail him at dcfindlay2@gmail.com.

This project can be a positive and rewarding involvement for all ages of your congregation.

This is the Sunday that coincides with John Wesley’s “heart-warming experience.”