Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner invites any Elder or Deacon he has ordained, who has not been to the Holy Land to join him on the next Indiana Conference trip in February 2013 where they will visit Israel. Coyner will be working with Norm Nellis, director of Educational Opportunities Midwest Area and Indiana Conference Trip Coordinator, to help ordinands with some of the cost of the trip. He will be working on a special rate from EO, plus a first-time scholarship to help with the cost for recently ordained pastors.

Trips can also be earned by having others travel with you as their Host. For more information, or if you have questions, contact Norm Nellis or call 765-491-5011.

Editor’s Note: When I was a young ordinand in the Nebraska Conference, I joined Bishop Bryan, now retired, on one of these EO Holy Land trips and found the experience was worth at least a half-year of seminary. Seeing the Holy Land first hand puts Scripture into a context young pastors will retain for the rest of their ministry.

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The Old City, seen behind the Dome of Rock resting on the Temple Mound in Jerusalem, is one of many places Bishop Coyner’s study tour to Israel will include.