The Hearts for Haiti, predominately United Methodists from southern Indiana, sent three mission teams who spent most of March building in Haiti. Three mission teams totaling 15 volunteers traveled to Jeremie in south central Haiti between March 3 and March 26. Their stated project was to build a sanctuary for the village of Fond d’ Acaque, in rural Haiti, about 20 miles from Jeremie.

On Monday, March 6, the team began pouring the foundation for the new church and by Sunday March 27, the congregation was worshipping in its newly completed sanctuary.

In addition to the construction project, they also took a medical staff that conducted four mobile medical clinics and supported the daily operation of the Gebeau Clinic.

The team also purchased beans and rice from local markets, recruited local ladies to cook and feed about 50 people-a-day for three weeks. They purchased a treadle sewing machine, fabric, thread, buttons and needles and held sewing classes at the work site. At the end of the project, they left the sewing machine and fabric with a local church member who will continue to teach sewing classes.

The most important part of the project was that the team was able to get to know the people of Fond d’ Acaque as individuals, as people of God, witness to them, be witnessed to by them and to genuinely enjoy the fellowship of God together.

As is always the case, the next trip began on the plane ride home. Plans are now being made to build a new sanctuary for the village of Benard, another village also about 20 miles from Jeremie, in March 2012. Hearts for Haiti is now taking reservations for the Spring 2012 Volunteer in Mission trip. For details go to or contact Dave Draeger at

Dave Draeger is a member of First United Methodist Church of Vincennes.

Photo courtsey of Dave Draeger

United Methodists volunteers of southwestern Indiana built this sanctury for a Methodist church in Fond d’ Acaque, Haiti.