Deadline has passed.

Have you ever been blessed to witness a person carry the Good News to the lost in a unique and unexpected way? Often times people who do this, do not consider themselves an evangelist. If asked they would simply say, “I’m just following Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.” When in reality, they are an evangelist who’s ministry is a blessing to those around them. Unique ministries and those who lead them should be rewarded and recognized for their good work.

A longstanding tradition of recognizing outstanding evangelists began in 1981 by awarding the Harry Denman Evangelism Award. This past year 42 annual conferences awarded 91 Denman Evangelism Awards, which included 15 awards that honored youth. The Harry Denman Evangelism Award is cherished by all those who have been awarded it before because of it’s mark of honor and distinction.

Now is your chance to nominate individuals who demonstrate thier leadership in evangelism. The Indiana Conference is proud to award at the 2011 Annual Conference one clergy, one lay individual, and one young person with the Denman Evangelism Award.

The individuals who are most qualified for this award are those who bring the love of Christ regardless of circumstances without giving it a second thought. E-mail your nomination to or mail the Denman Award, c/o Indiana Conference Center, 301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite, 300, Indianapolis, IN 46280.