GREENWOOD, Ind. – Matt Lyons’ family has outgrown its home during the past three years. His 900-square-foot rental home in Greenwood has become home to his wife, her three children and his brother. The laundry room doubles as a bedroom for four-year-old Kaitlyn Brosius.

Michael Lyons, 15, who came to live with his brother after their mother died, sleeps on the living room couch. At one point, Michael and his sister slept on air mattresses in the living room.

The crowded conditions are about to change. Lyons, 26, and his wife, Emily Lyons, are the next recipients of a home build by Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County.

Construction on their five-bedroom, 1,200-square-foot house is scheduled to begin April 28 and will be completed by July.

Ministry cluster

Members of six local United Methodist churches have raised more than 80 percent of the cost of materials to build the house for the Lyons family. The Johnson County churches are collecting money each week and conducting fundraisers this spring to raise the final $9,000 needed to cover the cost of materials for the Habitat for Humanity home.

The effort is the biggest joint endeavor for the group, the Johnson County Cluster of United Methodist Churches. When construction starts in late April, church members will join the Lyons family to help build the house. Combined together – Grace, Greenwood, Honey Creek, Mount Auburn, Smith Valley and Whiteland United Methodist churches – all joined forces to build the house and have an average weekly attendance of 1,500 members and friends. The ministry cluster was formed about 2½ years ago at the urging of Bishop Mike Coyner, who oversees the state’s United Methodist congregations.

The entire Lyons clan is happily anticipating the day they move into the home to be built at 229 Pleasant Street in Greenwood.

Habitat for Humanity provides families with affordable housing through donated materials and volunteer labor. Homeowners are required to work hundreds of hours on their new home. The Lyons family have less than 20 hours left to fulfill their joint 500-hour commitment.

Another home

This summer, Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County also will build a home in Edinburgh. The house will become the home of Laura DeLoach and her two daughters, who will be living at 306 S. Main Street in Edinburgh. An Edinburgh community group is conducting spaghetti suppers, benefit breakfasts and silent auctions to raise money to build the home, Habitat executive director Lee Ann Wilbur said.

DeLoach has completed 300 hours of volunteer time and the education requirements to purchase a Habitat home.

For more information or to donate time, material or money, call 317-736-4454 or visit

This story was taken in part from a story by Shelley Swift of the Edinburgh Daily Journal.