Here is a list of testimonies by Indiana clergy who have been helped to financial stability through the Rejuvenate project.

“The Rejuvenate project has served us well. We have re-learned how to set and then actually follow a family budget. We also have learned that there is a disciplined and steady path in dealing with financial problems when they do arise. While we are still working on meeting our long-term goals, we are glad that we are on a consistent path in meeting those financial goals. We are thankful for the support that has come from the Rejuvenate project.”

– A clergy participant and grant recipient

“I found the Creating Cultures of Extravagant Generosity [Seminar] to be an excellent way to get our Finance and Stewardship Teams on the same page. The information is based on factual research and provides a healthy understanding of the financial challenges local churches are now facing. This is not a ready-made program making great promises, but it will give you a foundation to think locally about how you can establish your financial integrity and encourage the contributions that will fuel your ministry.”

– A lead pastor

“It (Financial Peace University) was a very good program that has provided my wife and me the tools we needed to work together to get out of debt and take more control over our financial future. For the first time in our 32 year marriage, we are finally on the same page with our finances.”

– A clergy participant

My wife and I appreciated the insights from David Bell (“Extravagant Generosity” workshop facilitator). Those from our congregation also attending felt very positive about the event as well. It was a good two days.”

– A clergy participant

“As we have learned throughout our application process, it is a very freeing experience to become debt free and this grant greatly aided in that experience for us.”

– A grant recipient (and spouse)

“When we received the check (grant) we were so shocked…In God’s mercy you provided a miracle for us and turned our lives from desperation to joy-from financial ruin to hope for a better tomorrow!

– A grant recipient

I just want to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the Rejuvenate program. I attended the seminars (Met-Life’s Retirewise) and then worked with David Klaus to get my finances in order for retirement. While I am not ready to retire yet, I feel so much better now that I have prepared for it.

– A pastor

“This grant will pay-off approximately 72% of my outstanding loan balance. In our great joy, my wife and I will prayerfully consider how to apply the money we will be saving on a monthly basis to help us reduce our remaining debt snowball and move toward our goal of financial freedom. Again, we thank you for this great gift and for the new sense of hope that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.”

– A grant recipient

Rejuvenate Facts

  • Rejuvenate is responsible for the matching grant funds.
  • Seminarians are eligible for education grants.
  • Church clusters can apply for free faith-based stewardship education materials. (Financial Peace University kits or Good $ense Ministries workbooks and a DVD)

Visit Rejuvenate’s website To learn more about this educational program for clergy and laity that offers grants to clergy, contact Michelle Cobb, project director at 317-924-1321