INDIANAPOLIS – As seen through the lens of evolutionary biology, the story of the Bible shines new light on how science and religion formulate the public’s understanding of it in the Rev. Dr. Keith H. Adkins’s A Natural History of Scripture. A teacher of biblical criticism, Adkins wrote his historical narrative for those who value the balance – and tension – of the complex theories related to creation and evolution.

“A Natural History of Scripture” follows the primary themes behind evolutionary biology to explore what we might learn about the Bible’s formation and development. In his in-depth look at biblical history, Adkins argues that the natural forces driving Darwinian evolution are clearly visible in the story of biblical origin.

Adkins, a pastor, offers a fresh way to read the Bible and provides a greater appreciation for the genius of the world’s most celebrated literary masterpiece. He presents arguments on the Bible’s evolution and balances his book with a transformational passion for God’s Word. Rather than becoming disillusioned about the human aspect of biblical formation, the author strives to communicate an understanding of the birth and development of scripture as Jews, Christians and Muslims have come to know it.

“My purpose is to give people a fresh perspective on the Bible’s beginnings.” Adkins said. “And this is essential in understanding the book as a whole.”

“A Natural History of Scripture” is available for sale online at and other channels.

Adkins, senior pastor of Irvington United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, has taught scholarly Bible study with laity for each of the 27 years he has been a United Methodist pastor. Uniquely possessing degrees in geology and theology, he writes about his passions for science and religion. He is married with two children.

“My purpose is to give people a fresh perspective on the Bible’s beginnings.”

– Keith Adkins