Recently, I received an e-mail. The subject was, “Hope is Coming.”

Have you ever experienced a sense of hopelessness or powerlessness in an area of your life? For some clergy and congregations, finances create a sense of hopelessness. They even feel powerless. They believe there is nothing they can due to change the financial situation in which they find themselves.

Needless to say, this kind of thinking can leave one feeling tired, helpless and even resigned to maintaining the status quo of financial ill-health.

Through Rejuvenate, there is hope.

Hope is here!

No, Rejuvenate is not a magic bullet. It is, however, a tool available to clergy and congregations who are tired of feeling hopeless and financially powerless. Through its educational opportunities for clergy and lay teams, and its grants for clergy, Rejuvenate offers hope and financial empowerment.

Visit Rejuvenate’s website ( or contact Michelle Cobb, Project Director (, to discover how you and/or your congregation can become financially empowered for the sake of your congregation and community and/or for the sake of your family and your family’s future.