Five reasons to support Campus Ministry

  1. Your future pastor is looking for spiritual direction on a college campus today.
  2. Our campus ministries spiritually impact not only students, but entire campus communities.
  3. “Campus ministry is one of the most important places for the church to be in mission today.” – Dr. Alice Knotts
  4. Your giving supports the leadership development, intentional spiritual guidance, and life changing missions that are shaping our future church and world leaders on campuses today.
  5. “If campus ministries had not been there, I wouldn’t be in college.” – Aryielle, a student at Indiana State University.

Campus Ministry Sunday Facts:

  • Your church can receive the Campus Ministry Special Offering any Sunday in February (or any Sunday throughout the year).
  • Need envelopes: e-mail or call toll-free 877-781-6706.
  • Would you like a campus ministry speaker? Contact Adriane Curtis at or 765-465-5588.
  • Download more resources, including announcement slides and a letter from Bishop Mike, available at