The 2010 Indiana Annual Conference session approved to continue a conference-wide offering to support our campus ministries across the state. Congregations can receive this offering any Sunday in February or another Sunday in the year. This offering is received on behalf of the Indiana Conference, our campus ministers and the students on campus today. These students will be our church and community leaders tomorrow. I ask your congregation to join in receiving this special offering.

As the new Indiana Conference has become a living reality, we’ve undergone a shift in how we support and connect to ministries outside of the local church. We’ve recognized our very best ministry and our most fruitful efforts come when our local churches are passionate and connected to the missions they support. As direct funding to our campus ministries through the conference has now ended, our current United Methodist-related campus ministries rely on local church support, plus this special offering. We hope each congregation in the Indiana Conference will participate.

This request, however, is about more than a one-time annual offering. Campus ministry is a vital mission field for our congregations. We have ministries today serving eleven college campuses that are making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, and these are your ministries. They exist with your support, not just financially, but in your prayers, in connecting your graduating seniors to these ministries and in recognizing the vital contributions these ministries are making in our campus communities.

Today, we ask our congregations to invest not just in our college students currently on campus but in the future of our church. We hope you will support the February offering and perhaps more importantly, will invest in ongoing relationships with our campus ministries.

For more information about campus ministry in Indiana, visit, or call and talk to one of our outstanding campus ministers.

On behalf of the students and campus communities who are shaped and formed by our vital campus ministries, I thank you.

Grace and peace,
Bishop Michael J. Coyner