Each year, World AIDS Day is observed on Dec. 1. It is a time for special programs on HIV/AIDS education and religious worship services that focus on intercessory and healing prayer, hope in God, and love and compassion in the midst of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

We recommend that United Methodists be encouraged to observe World AIDS Day on or around Dec.1. We further recommend that voluntary offerings be given to “Global HIV/AIDS Program Development” (UMCOR Advance #982345-7).

Materials for World AIDS Day are available each year from UNAIDS (www.unaids.org), the General Board of Church and Society (www.umc-gbcs.org), and the General Board of Global Ministries (http://gbgm-umc.org/health/) of The United Methodist Church.

Worship resources for Sunday, Dec. 5 observance, click here.

For more information on the conference website, click here.